Projects and organizations that we are supporting, or have supported over the last two years include:

True Cost Accounting

Currently, it is more profitable to farm unsustainably than it is to farm sustainably. Placing a clear monetary value on the benefits and impacts of different food production systems, would enable the introduction of policy mechanisms to penalize damaging practices and reward the development of systems that deliver positive environmental and public-health outcomes. The SFA […]

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SFT Fellowship Program

We are working in partnership with the Sustainable Food Trust to develop and launch their Fellowship program, which has been enabled by a grant from the Christensen Fund. The aim is to build a community of connected individuals with specialist knowledge in the field of sustainable food and agriculture. The program will support projects that […]

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The SFA is helping to support the development of key research emerging from the need to better understand the true implications of current agricultural practices, and alternative methods for producing more food more sustainably with minimal impacts on the environment and public health.  We have supported a major research initiative that aims to better understand […]

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General support to the SFT

The directors of the SFA work closely with the staff and Board of the Sustainable Food Trust to plan programs that will serve our shared mission to accelerate the transition to more sustainable food and farming systems. From time to time, in response to this collective strategic planning process, we make general purpose grants to […]

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MAD Symposium

Mad is an annual gathering of chefs that aims to recognize that the modern chef is faced with challenges and responsibilities that go far beyond supplying simple sustenance for the duration of a single meal. The SFA is proud to be the fiscal partner for MAD’s fundraising endeavours in the United States. We see great […]

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